Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some new words

Homoron - A stupid 'omo.

Gayme - Any game played by gays.

Gayser - A geyser meant specifically for 'omos

Mojoke - A joke about sex

Dildodo - an outdated,obsolete sex object

Crapper - a rapper who raps while waste matter comes out of his rear end.

Musturbation - compulsive masturbation

Femine - accute shortage of females

Grapist - a rapist who also has a vineyard

Bellycose - angry mood caused by hunger

Gayriatric - a gay who's got one leg in the grave & the other on a banana skin

Pastard - badly made pasta that no one owns up to

Rappist - a rapper who's also a rapist (think Snoop Dog)

Moankey - a monkey prone to griping

Moanday - the day on which most humans gripe

Viaggravate - To foolishly aggravate a priapism problem by taking Viagra.

Basturd - turd that no one knows which dog made it

Twise - twice as smart

Tvice - twice as evil

Juggernought - a supposed juggernaut that never turned out to be i.e an easily stoppable force

Cannybal - a shrewd cannibal

Sturd - stud's dung

Libidodo - A condition of having lost all interest in sex.

Lipido - The interest in eating fattening junk food.

Gymnauseam - Having disgust of exercise

Prosetitute - A whore with a bit of Shakespeare inside her.

Virjeans - Unused jeans

Swinedled - to be fooled by a pig

Adispose - To shed flab by vigourous exercise.

Byesexual - One who has turned to celibacy.

Mojotov Cocktail - A lethal sex bomb OR A hard drink laced with Viagra.

Blosom - Ongoing development of breasts.

Dicktionary - A book containing all the crude words for "penis".

Peekaboob - The ample assets of a scantily clad babe playing hide & seek with the eyes of us wolves.

Condomn - To severely criticise the use of love gloves.

Snorekelling - Going for a dive to watch fish & ending up sleeping on the water-bed.

Leaderr - A totally inept, mistake prone guy at the helm of affairs.

Smokiss - The foul smelling,yucky lip massage given by a chain smoker

Teatotaller - One who doesn't drink tea.

Wiilliams F1 - A stupid videogame company trying its luck in F1.

Weelliams F1 - A bit player in the F1 business.

Ridickulous - A weirdly shaped penis.

Formullah One - A racing series for Islamic clerics.

Gorylla - A violent giant ape.

Gorzilla - Love child of King Kong & Godzilla.

Pickasso - An artist who is fond of digging the crack of his butt.

Saliwet - To wet something by drooling.

Some self-sexplanatory words :


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