Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 8

1) This cobbler was the sole earning member of his family.

2) Heard about this guy who made money by communicating with the spirits of the departed ones? He was the soul earning member of his family.

3) This transvestite was pretty pissed off. You could say he was “cross”.

4) This architect was obsessed with doing things the easiest & the cheapest way. So much so that he made all his rooms circular in shape. Know why?
Answer : 'cos he believed in cutting corners.

5) This gay man was fearful of revealing his sexuality to the world. One day ,he got trapped inside a closet. They had a tough time making him come out of the closet.

6) This tailor lost his shop in a fire. Last heard,he was picking up the threads of life.

7) Count Dracula visited Spain recently. He learnt to do the fangdango.

8) This really tall cop with really long arms managed to nab a wanted guy. On catching the fugitive, the cop remarked, “The long arm of the law got you.”

9) This woman remembered that it was one year since she & her poet boyfriend met each other. She smsed him “Happy Anni-verse-ary”.

10) This man goes to a venture capitalist with the proposal to set up a factory manufacturing perfumes meant only for the rich. The VC rejected him saying that his business plan made no scents.

11) This billionaire could never be clean despite all his efforts. Know why?
Answer : 'cos he was filthy rich.

12) This hunchback had a very good intuition. He rarely went wrong with his predictions. You could say he had a thing for having a good hunch.

13) Why are earthquake-prone areas the places to have sex?
Answer : 'cos you always get earth-shaking orgasms there.

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