Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pun Intended - 2

1)Why was the golfer dumped by his g.f?

Answer : 'cos she found him to be below par in all respects.

2)Why are 'omos always in a confused,muddled ,chaotic state of mind?

Answer: 'cos they can't think straight!

3)Which is the best place to learn expletives?

Answer : A poultry. Fowl language,geddit?

4)What do you call a bad looking oriental guy?

Answer : Ug Lee

5)Heard about this huge pig that was the star attraction of the circus? Well,talk about hogging the limelight.

6)Why was the chemical engineer dumped by his g.f?

Answer : 'cos she was fed up with his acidic remarks.

7)This 'omo went for his physical check-up. After the tests were done ,the 'omo asked what the results showed. The reply was that he was in the pink of health.

8)This not too bright boxer had difficulty in understanding jokes. Well,it wasn't a surprise given that he always failed to recognise the punchline.

9)Heard about this guy who got bitten by a snake? He's hisstory.

10)Heard about this timid psychiatrist? He'd always shrink in fear.

11) Then : Nero fiddled while Rome burnt.

Now : Nero burns CDs & DVDs while you fiddle around.

12)What do you call a sexy black babe? Answer: Afro-disiac!

What the hell?Who's there?
Right again.
Tell me your name or I'll blow your brains out.
John Woo.

14) Heard about this exceedingly boring guy who was also a poor driver. One day ,he crashed his car. Talk about being a crashing bore.


Not a pun, but what the heck!

This happened way back in 92/93,when I was in school. An English class was going on. The teacher came upon the word "piglet" in the lesson she was teaching us. She took the pain of telling us that "piglet" is the baby of a pig. To ram home the point ,she gave another example "eagle --> eaglet". A wise guy from the backbenches shouted "toy --> toilet".

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