Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 7

1) This family-oriented deer loved to be with its near & deer ones.

2) I am really angry with this smart-ass skeleton for mocking at me. I have a bone to pick with it.

3) This couple were making out in a well-lit room,when the electricity supply went kaput. They ended up groping in the dark.

4) Count Dracula visited China recently. He has learnt Fang Shui.

5) This guy would never actually kiss his g.f ,but would just blow kisses. One day,the g.f gave him an ultimatum to kiss her for real. The nervous guy ended up botching the kiss. The g.f said “You blew the kiss.”

6) I am really fed up with this particular advertisement as it has been aired “ad” nauseam on TV.

7) This drunk guy was driving his car rashly & ran over a pedestrian. In trying to escape from the scene of accident,he rammed his car into a tree & was killed on the spot. Instant “carma” ,eh?

8) This fat guy didn't buy the new weight-reduction pill in the market. He decided to adopt a weight-and-watch approach before deciding to buy the pill.

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