Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 15

1) This famous advertising agency functioned in an ad hoc manner.

2) Heard about this beer loving baseball player? He's a good pitcher.

3) I am thinking of coming out with a strange,wacky tasting beer. I am going to name it “Beerd”.

4) This babe is known for talking rudely with everyone. She's called “Diss-miss”.

5) The rock band named “Ghosts” had a sell-out concert. It was a spooktacular success.

6) This ghost couldn't see clearly. Y'see ,it had misplaced its spooktacles.

7) These zombies play football a lot. They often end up being dead tired.

8) Heard about this snobbish giraffe? It looks down upon everyone.

9) This guy has a compulsive habit of stealing everything & anything made out of clay. Guess he's a clayptomaniac.

10) This guy has a talent for playing the piano while taking a piss.He's a peeanist.

11) The council of gods criticised Apollo ,the Sun god,for beating down a bit too harshly on the earth. He Apollogised for his mistake.

12) This gigolo ,who serviced gay men,fell ill on the occassion of servicing a customer. So he called his fellow gigolo & gave him detailed directions to the customer's house ,told him how much money to charge & many other instructions. He ended the conversation with ,“So do my job,ok?”

13) This powerfully built man liked to drink stout in the pub.

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