Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some new words - 4

Soothesayer - A person who's an expert in consoling with sweet words.

Fizzycs - The branch of science that deals with carbonated drinks.

Bamboozeled - To be totally confused after having downed too many drinks.

Pursepective - The view of things dictated by the amount of money you have.

Reindear - To control a loved one from flying off the handle.

Andruid - A humanoid sorcerer to help the new age Asterix.

Mooslim - A trim cow.

Anihillate - To blow a hill to smithereens.

Asspiration - The desire to have a perfect ,toned butt free of cellulite.

Golpher - A gopher found on the golf course.

Estrangulate - To asphyxiate an ex.

Etiquitte - The protocol followed for making a dignified exit.

Buttox - Something that is injected to make bums look good.

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