Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 16

1) This serial that mocked at the people of USA was yanked off the air ,following protests.

2) Heard about this frustrated pig? You could say it was 'ham'strung.

3) These male pigs found the cute female pig very baconing.

4) Heard about this pig in the film industry? It hams a lot.

5) The devil visited the offices of Boeing & Airbus recently. Y'see ,he wants to buy a hellicopter.

6) This baker-cum-pizzaman had a flourishing business.

7) This flooring company has a floorishing business.

8) Heard about this lion who has opened a shop? He's doing a roaring trade.

9) This guy goes to a shrink & says ,“I've got a problem of being with my friends all the time. I just can't seem to pull on without having friends by my side all the time.” The shrink replied ,“You have a cronyc problem.”

10) What was Caesar's least favourite drink?
Answer : Brut.

11) If Brutus had a twin,what'd have been Caesar's last words?
Answer : Et two ,Brutus?

12) This lover of trees made a big mistake when he cut down some trees to make room for his new house.Roundly criticised ,he had no option but to green & bear it.

13) What do well built male bees play?
Answer : Rugbee.

14) Heard about this serious undertaker? He always speaks gravely.

15) Heard about this farmer who's into pears? Well,his pears are the best. No one else comes close to matching him. You could say he's pearless.

16) This guy had a peculiar problem of forgetting things that happened in the month of May. Guess he had a bad maymory.

17) Heard about this forgetful woman who also has one of her breasts misshapen? You could say she has a bad mammary.

18) I found some plane journeys exceedingly dull. I couldn't put a finger to it until one day , after another dull journey ,I happened to see that “Boeing” was painted on the plane.

19) Heard about this violent guy who's also a party animal? Well,every night ,he goes clubbing.

20) This maize farmer was a whiz at solving mazes.

21) This maize farmer tried his hand at being a joker. He failed. Why?

Answer : 'cos people found his jokes corny.

22) Microsoft is coming out with a new operating system targetted at babies & young children to prepare them to use more complex operating systems at a later stage. This new o.s is going to be named “Weandows”.

23) Heard about this Japanese lesbian who's also a good singer & a good dancer? Well,she wants to become a gaysha girl.

24) This guy had wild ambitions of becoming the world's best plumber. His mates said it was a pipe-dream.

25) Heard about this guy who has the special ability to go about without making any noise? Well,he's quiet good at it.

26) Heard about this dwarf whose foresight is good? Well ,he's a weesionary.

27) This man went nuts after being castrated.

28) Heard about this beer loving thief? He'd go around 'mug'ging people.

29) It's best not to have a beef with a powerfully built bull.

30) Heard about this guy who owns an albino elephant with a gargantuan appetite? Well,he says it's tough to maintain a white elephant.

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