Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 4

1)Heard about this artist who was charged with murder? He says he has been framed.

2)This ornithologist drove his g.f up the wall by constantly crowing about his achievements. Finally ,one day, his g.f made him eat crow by dumping him.

3)This rich poet's wife dumped him. Some months down the line, he lost all his wealth. A case of going bad to verse ,eh?

4)I wish I was cardiologist. Know why? 'cos then I'd have known the way to a woman's heart.

5)A babe in hot pants makes us boys pant.

6)How do you cut a too clever guy down to size?
Answer : You take a jibe at him to make him smart.

7)Son : Dad, I want a dog.
Dad : Are you Sirius?

8)This videogame addicted teenager demanded a XBOX 360 from his parents. They refused. The gamer cried his heart out. His parents had a tough time trying to “console” him.

9)This not-too-bright guy wanted to learn the teachings of the Chinese philosopher ,Confucius. He ended up becoming a “Confusian”.

10) I'm planning to buy a good quality broom. Y'see ,I want to sweep a beautiful girl off her feet.

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