Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reinterpreting words

Shampoo - fake turd

Dentist - someone who specialises in denting things like cars, faces etc.

Wanking - a white king.

Extraordinary - more ordinary than usual.

Lackey - not having a key

Rattle - a vibrating rat

Titanic - gigantic breasts

Bearable - a hale & hearty bear

Unbearable - a crippled ,bed-ridden bear

Patent - a tent made for dad

Berate - to give something a "B" grade

Missile - a shoddy projectile weapon that always misses its intended target

Combustible - inflammable breasts

Mollify - To force a sexy babe to become a companion of a gangster.

Dinosaur - Gigantic pre-historic beast that made quite a racket

Frankenstein - An outspoken,blunt giant man

Hogwash - To occupy the bathroom for long time & not allow others to use it

Elephant - Gigantic ant

Adventure - a foray into making commercials

Mammoth - a gigantic pre-historic moth

Bison - A son who's a bisexual.

Increase - To crumple & wrinkle clothes to a greater extent.

Decrease - To iron clothes

Cadaver - Dead body of a cheap,vulgar,despicable guy.

Bravado - The courage required to wear a racy bra.

Braggart - The art of bragging.

Guerilla - A gorilla that attacks sneakily.

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