Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 10

1) This guy is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Even then ,he goes ahead & marries. Come honeymoon night,the bride finds out that he can't get it up. So she says, “I'm sorry , but this is reason enough for me to divorce you. I hope you understand & don't get angry.” The guy replies ,“I understand what you feel. It's ok. No hard feelings.”

2) This hitman made a lot of money by charging exorbitantly for his services. You could say he made a killing on every mission.

3) This young writer is thinking of writing a series of books using leet speak like “b4” , “gr8”, so on. You could say he is evolving a new genre of leeterature.

4) This guy is fond of giving a tongue-lashing to everyone & everything all the time. However he is rankled by the fact that his girlfriend never allows him to give her a cunnilingus. Guess why?

Answer : 'cos she is afraid of getting the rough side of his tongue.

5) Heard about this gay cricketer? Well,he tampered the pitch on the eve of an important match. You could say he queered the opposing team's pitch.

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