Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pun Intended - 23

1) This film star fell from his days of glory & had no fans left. Orfanned,eh?

2) This guy wins a fishing contest. He is asked how he felt when the winners' names were about to be read out. He replies ,"I was waiting with baited breath."

3) This government introduces a controversial proposal to construct a mega dam. Following widespread protests,it waters down the plans.

4) This arrogant & tyrannical king was a pain in the ass to the people. One day ,the people decided enough was enough. What action did the people take?

Answer : They got the king throne out.

5) This temple has 10,000 steps leading to it. No wonder you end up stairing at it in awe.

6) This shapely babe has been selected to promote awareness & importance of literacy. She's going to spread the message of learning the 3 arse.

7) This contest for the most well dressed man ended in a tie.

8) This woman ,an owner of a confection company is definitely eye-candy.

9) A bald man has got lost in the forest. The rescue teams are combing through the forest for him.

10) This drapery company is struggling with losses. It's curtains for them.

11) This guy , who attacked the government with his funny writings/speeches has been clamped down upon. Gagged,eh?

12) This frog is addicted to booze ,you know? Yeah ,it drinks toaddy all the time.

13) Odin ,the rain god ,was pissed off with Loki,the trickster god. Why?

Answer : 'cos Loki would rain on his parade every now & then.

14) This writer loses his right arm & along with it,his righting career.

15) This guy named Robert is saved from drowing by the life guard. The life guard says,"I saw him bobbing on the water helplessly."

16) This sprint race for zombies ended in a dead heat.

17) This magician-turned-finance minister kept increasing taxes all the time. Why? Answer : 'cos he was good at levytation.

18) This gay man is a pervert ,y'know? Yeah, whenever he visits a urinal ,he likes to take a sneaky glans at other men's tools.

19) This babe has been signed on by Victoria's Secret to be their 'bra'nd ambassador.

20) This farmer gets trapped under bales of hay for a long time. Upon being rescued , he says , " It was a hayllish experience."

21) This lingerie company is struggling with sales because of poor management. The shareholders have decided to sack the top bras.

22) This guy gets shot in the ear. It affects his hearing so much that no matter how close he stands to you ,he's always out of earshot.

23) This female model spurned an offer from a lingerie company. She's now regretting for letting slip the deal.

24) This two dullards are having an argument. A passerby suggests that they thrash out their differences. So they begin fisticuffs.

25) This babe finds that she's drifting apart from her boyfriend. She decides to ditch him. She's thinking of the best way to intimate him of this.

26) Even if you are a below average student,it's still easy to get admissions to top colleges. All you have to do is to be very shy. Not got it? Shy = Reserved.
(This pun is India-specific unlike the others)

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