Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 14

1) This guy who was fond of fast-paced sports played golf for the first time. He found golf too teedious.

2) The army placed a multi-billion dollar order for sten-guns from a shady arms dealer. The arms dealer took the money & sent nothing. The army was stenned by this.

3) I love bulls very much. I am thinking of having an ambullance to treat injured bulls.

4) The coffee industry ,the tea industry & the alcohol industry were at loggerheads with each other. It was a brewtal war out there.

5) This little boy finally learnt to add numbers. He was so happy that he did sumersaults.

6) I have a strong liking for puns. You could say I have a punchant for them.

7) This violent man had a punchant for getting into fights.

8) This punster had a nasty fall while having sex in the bathroom. His head & dick bore the brunt of the fall. The doctor said he could never have sex again because of penile fracture. If this wasn't bad enough,the doc also said that he could never make puns again because of punile fracture.

9) This beer-swigging golfer says beer makes him a better golfer. He says that beer makes him to make more beerdies on the golf course.

10) The auditors were scrutinizing the finances of this advertising agency. They smelt a rat & said that the numbers don't ad up.

11) This flea was very wasteful & reckless. His mates said he was profleagate.

12) This guy is having a problem of lacking confidence to speak. The shrink has diagnosed him as suffering from insaycurity.

13) This fat lady was unhappy with her butt. After months of exercise,she became shapely. The physical change was asstounding.

14) This newspaper baron's wife complained that he wasn't giving her enough attention. He replied, “Dear,I've other 'press'ing matters to attend to.”

15) Heard about this corrupt guy with low morals? He recently lost his buttocks in an accident. Guess ,he's truly become debased.

16) This punster made puns only about loos & pissing. He ended up being too repeetitive.

17) This grizzly made a big boo-boo & was roundly laughed at by fellow grizzlies. He had no option but to grin & bear it.

18) This female grizzly was depressed. Know why?
Answer : 'cos she couldn't bear a baby.

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