Monday, June 25, 2007

Pun Intended - 21

1) This naughty cow was arrested by the police. However ,her owner,a farmer ,baled her out.

2) The tracks of the railways were found to be of poor quality,leading to frequent bumps. No wonder that everyone's railing against the railways.

3) This dog is blessed with great stamina. He's capable of digging a 6 feet pit without a pawse.

4) This painter is blessed with good health. You could say he's hale & arty.

5) This guy believes that drinking ale is the way to being ale & hearty.

6) These two guys are constantly bickering over who can draw a better square. Last heard, they were getting ready to square off to settle this issue.

7) This Oriental man has recently relocated to the big bad West. He is finding the alien culture of the West quite disorienting.

8) This particular fish is prone to complaining. Why?

Answer : 'cos the fish is a carp!

9) What words does a man use when he wants to say goodbye after a one-night stand?

Answer : Schlong. (So long...geddit?)

10) Dow Jones is coming out with a new indicator for world peace. The new indicator is going to be based on the 30 most peaceful countries. It is going to be called the "Dove Jones".

11) This teenager gets fined by a cop for rash driving. The teenager arrives home visibly shaken. His mom notices this & asks him if he's okay. Not wanting her to know the truth,the teenager says ,"I'm fine."

12) This moneylender likes solitude ,y'know? Yeah,he's a loaner.

13) This babe has a stylish way of getting angry. You could say she's got a flare for getting angry.

14) Each of these 2 hot-tempered guys claim that he can spit the farthest. As I say this,they are having a spat.

15) This baby deer likes to fawn on everybody .

16) This Japanese guy has a yen for becoming rich.

17) This rich young woman is quite a good-lucre.

18) This guy ,who is suffering from erectile dysfunction, always makes excuses when his g.f demands sex. His standard excuse is ,"I'm very tired. I don't feel up to it."

19) This cricketer is fond of smoking marijuana on the eve of important matches. This affects his fielding very badly. Can you guess in what way?

Answer : It makes him grass catches.

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