Friday, June 22, 2007

Reinterpreting words - 12

Morbid - To increase the bid in an auction.

Petrified - Scared of pets.

Success - A tax levied on achievements.

IMmersed - Engrossed in online chatting.

Impair - A couple of small demons.

Cockpit - A pit for storing bobittised dicks.

Copulate - To make a cop late for work.

Plankton - One thousand kilogrammes of sawn timber.

Leakage - To disclose someone's true age.

Loofah - A sponge used for cleaning the toilet.

Tadpole - A small pole.

Tango - Removal of tan.

Layman - A gigolo.

Parenthesis - A thesis on parents.

Parentage - A parent becoming old.

Exhaust - To host your ex.

Two-timer - Someone who has two watches.

Parched - To be deprived of pars on the golf course.

Judgemental - A crazy judge.

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