Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 17

1) Heard about this 'omo who was in the entertainment business? Well,he liked to regayle people.

2) What do you call it when a lot of energy generating machines are crowded together?

Answer : The machines are cheek-by-joule.

3) This seller of yachts & boats was struggling with sales. He hired a consultant to point out shortcomings & suggest improvements. It was smooth selling after that.

4) I desire a piano. I will go Chopin for it very soon.

5) The small letters & capital letters of the English alphabet are at war with each other. The court is hearing the case between the two.

6) This cop was an expert in gleening information from jokers.

7) This guy ,who's very good at geometry ,is very good at fishing also. Why?
Answer : 'cos he's a good angler!

8) A salesman employed by a toilet-making company has to have a good sales peetch.

9) This guy ,who was troubled by a farting problem for many years ,got cured very recently. He says he has got a second wind in life.

10) This short-tempered gastroenterologist's g.f ditched him. Why?
Answer : 'cos she couldn't take anymore of his bile.

11) Be careful of this sneaky joker. You never know where he's larking around.

12) This duck ,who's unhappy with his small beak ,went to a cosmetic surgeon. After the operation,the doctor demanded a lot of money as his fees. Last heard, the duck took the doctor to court for overbilling.

13) This skinny celeb is hopping mad with a tabloid for alleging that she is suffering from anorexia. She says she won't take such slender lying down.

14) This political party is very devastated by their miserable show in the elections. A poll of gloom hangs over their headquarters.

15) This babe was harassed by lewd text messages sent by a guy. She dragged him to court for textual harassment.

16) This cricket team relies on its doctor for its success. Why?
Answer : 'cos he doctors the pitch on the eve of a match.

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