Friday, June 22, 2007

Pun Intended - 19

1) This guy was suffering from a severe itching problem for several years. It didn't allow him to do anything worthwhile in life. The day he got cured ,he found out that he had to begin from scratch.

2) There are rumours that this whisky making company is going to sell off its business. The CEO of the company has scotched the rumours.

3) This guy is a champion at playing peekaboo. He says ,"You should be in top form only at the time of the competitions. It's all about peeking at the right time."

4) Heard about this couple who were caught having sex in the office loo? Well,they've been laid off.

5) This seminar about breaking into houses is going on. Those attending are latching on to every word spoken by the master thieves.

6) This mobile phone company is making profits as its cells have zoomed up.

7) This company that is into stem cell research & related therapy has its profit hit by a government bill that places severe restrictions. The company says the all the bill has managed to do is to stem their cells.

8) Heard about this discourteous magician? Everyone feels sleighted by him.

9) This cricket coach is desperately hunting for people who cry at the drop of a hat. Y'see ,he wants a good bawler.

10) This writer ,who writes with a pen instead of typing , has a nasty fall while having sex in the bathroom. His dick bears the brunt of the fall. He goes to a doctor who examines him & says that he will never be able to write again in his life. Why?

Answer : 'cos the writer suffered a 'pen'ile fracture.

11) The only roles this babe gets is that of a damsel in distress in horror films. All she has to do is run like mad & scream "Eek!! Eek!!" She gets paid a lot for this. Not a bad way to eek out a living,huh?

12) Heard about this female grizzly who is totally bewildered as to where her expensive rings are? She has lost her bearings.

13) This director is making a film about animals. He wants a duck with an exquisite beak. After a long drawn hunt for ducks, he settled on this particular duck. The director says the chosen duck fits the bill perfectly.

14) This duck is wary whenever someone says ,"I'll foot the bill." Why?

Answer : 'cos he thinks this means his beak is going to be kicked.

15) This potato wants to be alert all the time. So it takes of its skin. Why?

Answer : It wants to keep its eyes peeled!

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