Friday, June 22, 2007

Pun Intended - 18

1) Heard about this champion archer? He makes his opponents bow to him.

2) Heard about this babe who loved dots to an extreme extent? You could say she 'dot'ed on dots.

3) This little kid demanded a tent from his parents. When they said no,he threw a tentrum.

4) What happens a Hispanic man is interrogated?

Answer : He spills the beans.

5) Heard about this lazy firefighter? Well ,he's been fired recently.

6) This guy who was fond of riddles ,got into the underworld's bad books. The underworld riddled his body with bullets.

7) Heard about this guy who has made a lot of money from selling vacuum cleaners? Well, he's certainly achieved a lot of suckcess.

8) This guy goes to a doctor & says he's worried about his urine incontinence problem. The doctor dismisses it as a peeffling problem.

9) This underworld don was often criticised for his bad fashion sense. It was a long time before it 'dawn'ed on him that he had to don better clothes.

10) This legless man's friends are unwilling in taking him to restaurants along with them. Why?

Answer : 'cos he never foots the bill.

11) This guy was diagnosed with a major shitting problem. He was 'shat'tered.

12) Heard about this male deer who never believes in trends? Talk about bucking the trend.

13) Heard about this bodybuilder who had a perfect mesomorphic body? Well,down the line, he lost interest in pumping iron & went to waste. His body is now a messomorphic body.

14) This chef ,who is the creator of a prized leek soup is very upset. Why?

Answer : 'cos his secret recipe has been leeked.

15) This ugly woman went to a cosmetic surgeon & got herself a brand new face. She then said it was the beginning of a new face in her life.

16) This powerfully built basketball player turned to being a club bouncer after his retirement from the game. Guess he was addicted to bouncing.

17) This rich guy who's in the business of manufacturing vests is fed up of babes having vested interests in him.

18) How do you attack a juggler?
Answer : You go for the juggler.

19) This plumber had a real talent for tap dancing.

20) I have it in me to be the world's best plumber. I just have to tap my potential.

21) This hot-tempered scrap dealer was dumped by his g.f. Why?

Answer : 'cos he would get into a scrap every now & then.

22) This guy is increasingly vexed by this horse who refuses to let him mount it. Talk about mounting frustrations.

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