Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pun Intended - 12

1) This daredevil wanted to climb Mount Everest. His parents were against it,but after a long-drawn argument ,they gave their ascent

. 2) This babe got fed up with her boyfriend's obsession with prunes. She decided to prune him from her life.

3) The government had made a proposal to construct a mega-dam to solve the water problem. However,pro-environment lobbies protested this saying that the environment would be screwed. On the other hand,without a dam,no water for people. Dammed if they do,dammed if they don't ,eh?

4) This weather-man had no idea weather his g.f would accept his marriage proposal.

5) This film about fried foods was panned by critics.

6) Heard about this basketball player who is suffering from urine incontinence? Guess this means that he's dribbling both on the court & off the court.

7) This carpenter dabbled in painting cars. He found it so profitable that he decided to become a full-time carpainter.

8) This garbage-collector asked this babe to marry him. She refused.

9) This babe started out as an occassional call-girl to make easy money. Soon she found the money to hard to resist & became a full-time prostitute. Hard to get out once you are sucked into the whoretex,huh?

10) This clown was dismissed from the circus. He cried that injestice had been done to him.

11) Loki,the trickster god became the cynosure of all eyes. Thor,the god of thunder,who was popular until then, was pissed off by this.Why?
Answer : 'cos Loki stole his thunder.

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