Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some new words - 3

Supperman - It's a bread! It's a pizza! It's Supperman! Here comes the superhero to save the earth from starvation (& put Bono out of a job).

Spyderman - A superhero who keeps ahead of the earth's enemies by constantly snooping on them.

Cattywoman - A superheroine who drives evil guys to suicide by bitching(!!!) about them like there's no tomorrow.

Baitman & Robbin - A superhero duo working in tandem. Baitman lures the rich men to a lonely spot & then Robbin takes over & robs the rich guys. Then they give the money to the poor.

Genderr - A sex that can't be determined. i.e Hermaphrodite.

Hipnotised - To be mesmerised by a belly dancer.

Giggleolo - A gigolo who laughs at the drop of a hat.

Incomenia - Unable to get any money.

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