Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reinterpreting words - 10

Thwarted - To be prevented from looking beautiful/handsome by warts.

Unsound - Mute.

Brabus - A German company that specializes in the fine-tuning, adjusting, modifying & enhancing of bras.

Paradox - A bull that contradicts itself.

Oxymoron - A stupid bull.

Igloo - A toilet made out of ice blocks.

Mango - A male moves.

Quota - The stipulated amout of quotes that you are allowed to use.

Victorinox - A multi-purpose ox.

Supervision - Fantastic eyesight.

Equip - To make a witty remark online.

Dingo - A dog that quietens down everyone.

Caucasian - A fair-skinned Asian.

Errand - Badly printed South African currency.

Lasso - To catch a beautiful young woman with a rope.

Erotic - The habitual spasmodic contraction of the face when aroused sexually.

License - The permission to convey false information.

Tangent - A brown male.

Nonplussed - Severely lacking in the ability to add numbers.

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