Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pun Intended - 20

1) Whenever a thief burgles a home, he always drives apart the couple that stays in that home. Why?

Answer : 'cos a thief is a home-breaker!

2) Ford ,the car maker from USA , has launched the most expensive car in the world. The damn thing is unaf'ford'able.

3) Heard about this bad film about chickens? Well, it laid an egg at the box-office.

4) I have got the hots for this beautiful female lawyer. I think I will court her.

5) Everybody's complaining that I use too many expletives. I swear I'll kick this bad habit.

6) This weather-man got a book about rain. He's pouring over the book.

7) This baker has started a charity. He's asking for doughnations.

8) Dow Jones is coming out with a new indicator of stock market prices ; based on the share value prices of the 30 top bakeries. The new indicator is to be called "Dough Jones".

9) Heard about this guy's peculiar illness of getting weak on every Friday,Saturday & Sunday? Guess you can say that he's weakened every weekend.

10) This particular period in the past had everyone having pimples willingly. Know why?

Answer : It was the Zitgeist.

11) This dullard didn't get the joke about a fat guy. I guess you could say the dullard missed the paunchline.

12) Heard about this guy who is fond of drinking gallons of ale? Well, he's fallen sick from drinking that vile stuff. You could say he's aleing.

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