Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Well, I haven't followed the rules of a limerick in some cases,but what the hell?

My name is Jay,
I ain't gay,
I am just a dude,
Who's nude & crude,
Now don't be a prude!
If you are a prick,
Do write a limerick,
If you are a twat,
I'll give you a swat,
And you'll lay flat!
There was a runt,
Who was very blunt,
He would often grunt,
People bore his anger's brunt,
He wrecked his car in a shunt.
There was a duke,
Who had a nuke,
He wanted to conquer,
He drank lots of beer,
His ambitions ended with a puke
A guy very naughty,
Wanting to get dirty,
Ran towards a babe to grope,
In his hurry tripped o'er a rope,
Ended up being knotty.
If you're a foul mouthed swine,
Just wash your mouth with lotsa wine,
Remove each n every wart
,Get rid of that fart,
And you will be fine

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