Monday, July 23, 2007

Some new words - 24

Mercynary - Someone who shows mercy only when s/he's paid money.

Roly-polly - A chubby parrot.

Fartist - A person who has elevated the act of breaking wind into an art form.

Playtonic - The word that best describes any game that doesn't involve any physical contact.

Iconolast - The least popular idol.

Geigler Counter - A device to measure laughter.

Oddyssey - An odd & very long adventurous journey.

Treecherous - A tree that can't be relied upon to give a consistent yield of fruits.

Hackneed - To have a knee chopped.

Thighland - The sex capital of the world.

Bangcock - The capital of Thighland.

Geecko - A geek who can climb walls.

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