Monday, July 9, 2007

Pun Intended - 27

1) Lebanon's contribution to calculus - Leibniz's theorem.

2) The press always mocks this airheaded socialite's bad English. The press prints her utterings & writing ad verbatim, liberally peppering the exact words with "(sic)". The socialite is sic of being ridiculed.

3) I'm being harassed by this sadistic guy for a long time. He lets loose his huge dogs on me to get a kick out of seeing me crap in my pants. I'm sic of this.

4) This lady meets with an accident. A few months after the operation,she finds that she still has numerous scars. So she visits a cosmetic surgeon to remove the scars. After the operation,she asks the surgeon,"Have all the scars gone?" The surgeon replies,"Well,all but a few. The scars are scarce now."

5) This tightly knit family has a few generations living together. They are in the business of making marijuana cigarettes. A joint family, huh?

6) The raging fire in the flea market forced everyone to flee.

7) Heard about this guy who works as a photographer in the day & as a pimp by night? Flash trade in the morning, flesh trade in the night.

8) Guy : Are you a virgin?
Babe : Yes.
Guy : Really?
Babe : That's the hole truth.

9) Pepsico is coming out with a new energy drink for gays. It's gonna be called "Gaytorade".

10) Heard about this ugly female assassin? Well,she's got looks that kill.

11) This guy is fed up of his girlfriend's obsession of squeezing lime in every food item that she prepares. No wonder their relationship is souring.

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