Monday, July 23, 2007

Pun Intended - 31

1) I went to a restaurant & ordered a sandwich. Those health nuts gave me one without butter. I flared up & demanded that the bread slices be slathered liberally with butter. They agreed to my demand & brought a much changed sandwich. I was pleased & said ,"The sandwich is much butter now."

2) This superstore stocks a vast array of incense sticks from different manufacturers,all of them josstling for your attention.

3) I would like to fight global warming. So I am planning to grove a lot of trees.

4) The morality brigade & the health nuts of this country come together to push for a total ban on booze. The captains of the booze industry ,to fight this ban proposal,then gather together & go to the ruling party's headquarters with a truckload of money. The booze honchos say to the party's top rung of leaders,"Look,we don't want a ban. So please take as much money as you want & Bacchus to the hilt."

5) This poor scholar lives in squalor.

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