Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pun Intended - 30

1) Why should you never tell a pig your secrets?

Answer: 'cos it is likely to squeal on you.

2) Corruption is rampant in the Mediterranean region. You've to Greece palms to get the smallest of things done.

3) This unfriendly guy goes to a career counsellor to ask what job will suit him the best. The counsellor says he's best suited to be a dour-to-dour salesman.

4) These 2 countries are trading charges of espionage. More & more serious charges are being levelled everyday. The situation looks like it's spyralling out of control.

5) This eagle is very skilled at catching prey. Yeah,it's very talonted.

6) Heard about the fastest supercomputer? It's really inCraydible.

7) The employees are against their boss who's too harsh & rude. So the top brass issues a warning to the guy saying , "If you are rough with your juniors,you'll have to tender your resignation."

8) This man was once a die-hard devotee of Bacchus. But he turned to religion & God to give up the bottle. He's now very spiritual.

9) How do you appreciate a welder?

Answer : By saying "Weldone".

10) This guy ,who doesn't pressurise anybody,goes to his pal's place. He finds that the pal & his home are very filthy. He tells the pal to improve the cleanliness. His pal says he likes everything to be dirty. So the guy says to the pal ,"Soot yourself."

11) I simply dislike people hunting game birds. I've got a grouse against the hunters.

12) This cosmetic surgeon,employed by a hospital, is very corrupt & siphons off funds meant for medical purposes. When the hospital finds this out,they charge him with graft.

13) This film star complains to the police that an obsessive fan has been stalking her for many days. So the police fan out to hunt down the stalker.

14) If a plumber is too noisy ,what do you do?

Answer : You tell him to pipe down.

15) This man's crying because his house has got burnt down. His pal tries to console him with the words,"Try to move on. Don't dwell on it."

16) No matter how scenic a place might be,it's never enough for a cynic.

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