Friday, September 28, 2007

Some new words - 28

Abnoxious - A paunchy & offensive belly.

Disstaff - Women who are rude.

Hypeochondriac - A screwball who loves to publicize his imaginary ailments to the world.

Funnee - A funny sounding maiden name of a woman.

Misstaken - A babe who's already been snapped by some other dickhead.

Rayduce - To decrease the glare.

Sinonymous - Equated with sin.

Pierate - One who steals pies.

Loyell - Dedicated to yelling.

Innoscent - Innocuous scent.

Bowhemian - Unconventional style of bowing.

Sueicide - To take someone to court even when you know that you have a snow's chance in hell of winning the case.

Coytus - Sexual union of a shy couple.

(If they are shy, how the hell do they find the balls to fuck? You tell me!)

Weapun - A deadly pun.

Gleecerine - A liquid used by actors when the director requires them to shed tears of joy.

Drakeula - A male duck that's got fangs.

Omniwhore - A whore present everywhere at the same time.

Socker - A game that combines football & fisticuffs.

Quillt - A blanket made from quills.

Squintessential - The perfect squint.

Seadate - Very calm sea.

Genietals - A genie's privates.

Harelot - A whore who has a lot of bunnies.

Bootcher - To shatter someone by booing loudly.

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