Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some new words - 29

Sellibate - A salesman who has failed to make a single sale.

Sobbatical - A break from crying.

Mushine - A computer that generates thousands of lovey-dovey messages for the likes of Hallmark.

Harpes - Repetitive stress injury caused by playing the harp too much.

Soberiquet - A staid & boring nickname OR A nickname given to a guy who's able to stand sober after downing drinks.

Titotaller - A guy who refrains from touching the breasts of a woman when having sex with her.

Roamantic - Very fond of roaming.

Penisillin - An antibiotic to treat infections & diseases of the penis.

Migrainte - The headache caused to the government by the influx of migrants.

Shyne - Dim glow.

Veneereal disease - A sexually transmitted disease that is superficial.

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