Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pun Intended - 34

1) This farmer who grows pears is a very senstitive guy,y'know? Yeah,even the slightest criticism will pears his heart.

2) How do you make fun of a fashion designer?

Answer : You should say something tongue-in-chic.

3) Loki, the god who was a trickster, got all the other gods pissed off with him. As they were baying for his blood, he decided to remain Loki until the storm blew over.

4) This guy has a fetish for fat women. When he comes of a marriageable age, his parents ask him in a worried tone whether he'll select the right woman. He replies ,"Don't worry, I'll plump for the right woman."

5) The police were called to track down the robbers who had made off with a truck carrying millions of dollars. The police pressed sniffer dogs into service, but after some time ,the dogs lost the cent of the robbers.

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