Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pun Intended - 33

1)Why is it so difficult to get Count Dracula to invest in companies?

Answer : 'cos he doesn't like to have stakes.

2) This baseball pitcher injured his shoulder. The physiotherapist said that the injury is so severe that he won't ever be able to pitch again. No wonder that the pitcher has been in the throws of despair ever since!

3) Even if you have a bad cold & feel like blowing your nose,be mindful of others' sensitivities. It snot the done thing to offend others.

4) This peacenik in the Spanish government has brokered peace between the government & the ETA. No wonder that he wants to Basque in glory.

5) Heard about this fisherman who's obsessed with catching only bass all the time? He's a bassket case indeed!

6) This coloured presidential candidate initially found it difficult to gain acceptance among the whites. But after putting a lot of effort in sending out his message of economic reforms,he wan them over.

7) What do you get when you divide a country into antagonistic states that only serves to make the people cry in despair?

Answer : Bawlkan region.

8) Heard about this dye-making company that's struggling to stay afloat & pay the workers ? Well,it's in dyer straits.

9) Why did this baseball pitcher also make a good salesman?

Answer : 'cos he had a good sales pitch.

10) What happens when a huge & heavy wreath falls on you?

Answer : You wreathe in agony.

11) Heard about this flashy biker who likes to wear flamboyant & loud colored helmets? He likes to be Shoei.

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